Indy Star: “In break from some GOP leaders, Megan Robertson sets sights on defeating Indiana amendment to ban gay marriage”

Megan Robertson has put in long hours working to elect Republicans at all levels of government. In 2008, she organized three campaign rallies in Indiana for then-vice presidential candidate and conservative firebrand Sarah Palin.

She wants government to cut taxes. She questions the wisdom of Obamacare.

But after years of running Republican campaigns behind the scenes, the self-described conservative has stepped into the spotlight — and into a role that puts her at odds with the positions of some of her former bosses.

Robertson left her job as communications director for U.S. Rep. Luke Messer, an Indiana Republican who opposes same-sex marriage, to become the lead soldier in the fight against Indiana’s proposed constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

As campaign manager for the new Freedom Indiana coalition, Robertson will draw on every bit of tenacity, passion and grassroots-organizing skill she has developed during a decade on the front lines of Republican politics.

It’s a role that mixes the personal with the political, and it reflects some younger Republicans’ dissent over the marriage issue.

Robertson, 31, is gay. And she says she’s determined to work for Republican candidates and officials again once the fight in Indiana is over.

But something pulled at her to take a detour.

“This seemed like the right thing to do,” Robertson said, underlining that she is “still incredibly Republican.”

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This story about Megan’s leadership of the Freedom Indiana campaign appeared in the Indianapolis Star on September 3, 2013.

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