With over fourteen years of experience in Hoosier politics, FrontRunner Strategies has collected a deep base of contacts and knowledge.  Below are just a few of the projects we’ve been involved in over the last 5 years. Whether it is political campaigns, legislative campaigns and ballot referendums, FrontRunner Strategies has the experience you need.

Legislative Campaigns: Freedom Indiana

Led the charge when Freedom Indiana, arguably one of the most successful legislative campaign in recent history, derailed a constitutional amendment attempting to ban gay marriage and civil unions as its supporters sought to pass it through the state legislature to send it to a ballot referendum.

Non-Partisan Political Campaigns & Ballot Referendums:

Keep Indy Moving Forward PAC– Worked in support of the Indianapolis Mass Transit Referendum, resulting in a victory with  59% of the vote and winning in 19 of the 25 City-County Council Districts.

Non-Partisan School Board CampaignsWorked with education reform advocates to gain control of the Indianapolis Public School Board, winning 6 of 7 campaigns in the last two school board cycles.  

Partisan Political Campaigns:

Greg Ballard for Mayor – Managed the 2011 Ballard campaign, re-electing Mayor Greg Ballard in a consolidated city-county John McCain lost by more than 30 points.

Luke Messer for Congress – Successfully navigated not only a 2014 general election campaign but an eight-way primary election to send Luke Messer to Congress.